​Prices and possible reimbursement

​Ulrichsen's Clinic offers psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment of adults who are at least 17 years of age.

Prices for medical specialist in psychiatry, PhD., DMSc. Jakob Ulrichsen

  • ​20-minute consultation: DKK 1,200
  • 45-minute consultation: DKK 2,000
  • First consultation (45 minutes): DKK 3,000
  • First consultation (60 minutes): DKK 4,000

Prices for licensed psychologist, specialist in psychotherapy Michelle Ulrichsen

  • ​20-minute consultation: DKK 800
  • 45-minute consultation: DKK 1,500
  • The first consultation is a double session (90 minutes): DKK 3,000
  • Supervision of psychologists in relation to authorization and specialist education: contact me about price.

Cancellation rules

  • Cancellation must take place by 4 p.m. on the day prior to the appointment at the latest, otherwise full charges will apply. Please note that the telephone number 38 28 88 72 is open daily from 9 a.m. to noon.

Patients who are members of the Danish public health service group 2 receive some reimbursement for medical specialist treatment, including cognitive behavior therapy. It is possible to make individual arrangements for group 2 patients.

Ulrichsen’s Clinic does not have an agreement with the Danish public health service, and we can therefore not offer treatment via a referral from your GP.

Payment via Netbank within 7 days of a treatment consultation or via Dankort in the clinic. It is now also possible to pay via Mobile Pay. No cash payments.

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We have short wait at the clinic so that you can get in as quick as possible!

We are always open for questions.

Adress: Østerbrogade 62, 4. tv., 2100 København Ø

38 28 88 72

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