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Michelle Ulrichsen​

Licensed psychologist, specialist in psychotherapy

Born 1968. Master’s Degree in psychology from the University of Copenhagen, 2003. Licensed by the Danish Psychological Association in 2006. Approved as a specialist in psychotherapy (adults) by the Professional Committee of the Danish Psychological Association, December, 2013.

​Neurocognitive thesis on OCD. Appointed as external examiner at the University of Copenhagen, Health Scientific Faculty (school of medicine) from 2007-2012. Studied English and psychology from 1990-1992 at Towson State University, Baltimore, Maryland. Clinical education at the psychiatry department of Bispebjerg Hospital (research position on schizophrenia) as well as at the anxiety clinic at Rigshospitalet under Professor DMSc Tom Bolwig.

Extensive supplementary psychotherapeutic training. Two-year course in cognitive behavioral therapy methods at the Cognitive Therapy Center in Århus and the Danish Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy (SAKT) in Copenhagen, as well as a two-year advanced CBT education at Region Zealand Psychiatry. In 2005 established Ulrichsen’s Clinic, which became a full-time clinic in February, 2007.

Works exclusively with the cognitive and behavioral therapeutic treatment method. For personality disorders and self-harming behavior, the techniques of the Center for Dialectical Behavior Therapy are also used. Together with medical specialists at the Anxiety Clinic at Rigshospitalet, I developed a treatment program for persons with OCD. Also trained in the treatment of all types of anxiety disorders, affective disorders (depression and bipolar disorders), eating disorders and personality disorders. Participated in research projects on neurocognitive disturbances within schizophrenia and the treatment of alcoholism, using a variety of neurocognitive tests. Participated in a research project at Psychiatric Center Gentofte regarding the cognitive behavior therapeutic treatment of persons with long-standing alcohol abuse. Has arranged group therapy treatment programs and participated in these a clinical psychologist. Has supervised registered nurses involved in alcohol treatment at Psychiatry Center Gentofte.

You can email Michelle Ulrichsen at michelle@ulrichsensklinik.dk or call the clinic at 38 28 88 72.

Jakob Ulrichsen

Medical specialist, DMSc, PhD

Born 1960. Until 31 December 2009, Jakob Ulrichsen was consultant doctor at Psychiatric Center Gentofte, research associate at the University of Copehagen and senior responsible for the clinical psychiatry instruction at the University of Copenhagen. Has previously been responsible for alcohol and drug abuse instruction within the psychiatric medical specialist education.

He is now a permanent instructor for this medical specialist course. Has written both a PhD thesis and a doctoral dissertation on alcoholism. Study visit, 1990-1992, at the Addiction Research Center, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Baltimore, USA. Is chairman of the Danish Psychiatric Association’s special interest group on Addictive Psychiatry.

​Full-time work at Ulrichsen’s Clinic since 1 January 2010. Many years of experience and a theoretical education within cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety conditions, OCD, depression, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and alcoholism. See also “Publications”.

You can email Jakob Ulrichsen at jakob@ulrichsensklinik.dk or call the clinic at 38 28 88 72.

Andrea Ulrichsen

Bachelor of Medicine

​Born 1992. Works at the clinic as a student assistant with administrative duties. Has also participated in group therapy as co-therapist in the treatment of bipolar affective disorders. Conducts individual interviews with young students, focusing primarily on how people with bipolar disorders can best complete an education.

Has written an Osval/bachelor paper on bipolar disorders.​


​Ulrichsen’s Clinic regularly employs psychology students in trainee programs related to their university studies. Write us to learn more.

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